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Assess COVID Risks with OIRA

29 September 2020

We still don’t know if the “second wave” of the epidemic will overtake us, but we can still be prepared. The General Labor Inspectorate and the European Health and Safety Agency in Bilbao have published a free online tool that allows businesses to objectively assess what they have done so far and what they have failed to do in relation to preventing harm from the COVID epidemic on businesses and workers, or at least with their reduction. By answering a series of questions, use of resources and a selection of predefined measures, you canensure that you have not missed anything important in your preparation, or if it turns out that there is one – to use the best practices and resources in the tool, to do so. This is an OiRA tool that is completely free to use. It complies with our national legislation and gives practical ideas on what to do in order to protect the people who work for you. Check out the COVID tool here.

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